Tuesday, September 23, 2014

wild thing

Vintage 1960's dress, and TJ Maxx gladiator sandals.

This dress. What is there to say about it that it doesn't say already? I bought it with the intention of putting it in the shop. That's when I tried it on and found out that it fit me perfectly. I instantly formed an attachment and found the thought of selling it to be too much. That's the problem with me - I form bonds with vintage clothes when I'm supposed to be selling them. I want to know their stories, what they've seen, what crazy parties they've attended. I can't imagine where this little number has been. The fact that it has shorts is just crazy.
Good thing clothes come in all shapes and sizes or the hoarder in me would have a hard time selling anything.
I do love seeing the clothes in my shop going to good homes though. That's why I do what I do - they have more stories they need to tell and that can only happen if they travel onward.
I know that may sound silly to you, but that's just how I see it.

I hope you had a wonderful start to your week. My life has wound down a little and I'm not so crazy busy at the moment. Kind of enjoying that.

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