Monday, November 7, 2016

Dog Days Are Over

IMG_5234 IMG_5224 IMG_5239 IMG_5225 IMG_5237 
 1960's playsuit and flats.
I have over 40 pairs of sunglasses because I am an unreasonable excessive person, so I cannot tell you where they came from.  

Okay, let's talk about a few aspects of these photos. Firstly, you will notice the unseasonable choice of clothing. That's because I am so bad at blogging that I took these photos in July and never uploaded them. Taking the photos is the easy part, getting them into the computer and onto blogger is the lazy girl's(me) nightmare.
Secondly, yes I actually wore this outfit to go to the park and also to the beach. It wasn't just me throwing this on to trot around for the photos. No this playsuit got a workout and got sweaty. That just shows what an impractical person I am.
Tacky and obscene.
And I wouldn't have it any other way.
This playsuit is actually one of my treasures. If you've been around awhile, you know that I respect all my vintage clothes. They are surviving artifacts of the past.
That being said, do you know hard these motherfuckers are to find? My line of work revolves around vintage and I've been doing this for five years now. I've only come across about a handful of playsuits. So the second I found one that fit me, of course it came home. It has a cute matching jacket, but I can't bring myself to be that tacky just yet. One day.
Lastly, this was so long ago that my hair hasn't been blond for three months. It's been green.
Photos to follow.
I swear.