Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Treasure Trove Vintage fall-winter lookbook

I thought I'd share the project I've been working on for my shop.  I normally don't share that kind of thing on my personal blog, but I was so excited about this!
Here is Treasure Trove Vintage's Fall-Winter 2013 Lookbook! It was so fun to make.
I featured items from my shop with items from my closet to show how you can incorporate vintage into your everyday wardrobe. We also did some dramatic makeup. I hope you like it!
(Sorry the horizontal photos bleed off the screen a little.)
All photos by DeLapa Photography.

Friday, October 18, 2013

peace out girl scout

Vintage 60's Girl Scout skirt, thrifted tee, vintage sweater, thrifted Kathy Van Zeeland bag, vintage star necklace (it was my mom's), and vintage Ferragamo flats. 

I know. I'm wearing a part of a Girl Scout's uniform. Let me explain. I have a love for the history the clothes hold; that's part of why I was drawn to making vintage my life. So when I found this 1960's Girl Scout skirt, I thought it was the coolest thing (not to mention, I'm an ex-Girl Scout and it struck a cord with me). Also, my mom was with me at the time and she told me it was exactly the same as the one she wore in the 60's. Totally sealed the deal. Surprisingly, it was way too big and I knew it. It's a rare find so I took it in myself.

You can make fun of me for wearing this cardigan that is the epitome of a grandma sweater. Brian relentlessly makes fun of me every time I walk out of the house in it. As well as my friends, my family, and random people on the street who stare. I have a problem with loving grandma sweaters. Yesterday I was at Wendy's with my mom and there was this lady in her 70's in line. I turned to my mom and said: "See, I'm truly a grandma - I would wear that lady's sweater." She just laughed. I was serious.

I hope you're having a good week. Mine has been nuts!

Monday, October 14, 2013

floppy hats are great for introverts

Lauren Conrad for Kohl's pleather shorts, vintage 50's sweater, thrifted Kathy Van Zeeland bag, Missoni for Target hat, and vintage Ferragamo gator flats.

This outfit is a tweaked version of one I wore on the blog last year. This time I added a little more flair with the Missoni for Target hat that I (regrettably) hadn't worn yet. It's a great hat. Mostly because when I wake up hating everyone, I can easily hide my face.
I also decided to wear my brown Ferragamos. Out of the three pairs I own, they definitely see the least love. My mother would say, "brown shoes don't make it."

These pleather shorts are totally a highlight of my wardrobe. I have an inexplicable obsession for leather/pleather bottoms. My black leather shorts frequently get a workout (with much confusion from Brian). The next obnoxiously 80's leather piece I'm trying out is a lipstick red pencil skirt. Stay tuned.
I guess I'll always be that girl with a penchant for tacky things.
Life is more fun that way.

Monday, October 7, 2013

the outfit post the never was

Okay so, getting sick sucked. I've been better for a week, but I had a ton of work to catch up on. I don't have a new outfit post, but I found this one from back in January that never got posted. At the time, I was really unhappy with the photos because Brian and I were still getting used to the DSLR. Looking back, they're really not so bad (okay, maybe a little bad). Ironically, I was getting over being super-sick in these photos too.
Okay so they're really bad.
$3 H&M top, thrifted Bongo jeans, Charlotte Russe linen moto jacket, vintage leather bag, and vintage Ferragamo flats.

I hope you've been having a great start to your autumn! Here's what I've been up to: