Friday, May 29, 2015

spots on spots

IMG_4955 IMG_4959 IMG_4952 IMG_4962 IMG_4949 IMG_4966 IMG_4947 IMG_4961
IMG_4968Candies dress from Kohl's, years old belt, vintage necklace, and vintage Ferragamo Vara flats. 

A few weeks ago, I received a $10 off anything coupon at Kohl's(no, I'm not sponsored). So I went in to peruse the clearance rack and fell in love with this dress. With the coupon it ended up being like $2. Since it's a sweater dress I didn't know if I'd be able to wear it. Well, it cooled off just enough for me to put it on!
Normally, I'd dress a piece like this up. On this particular day, I was tired. So, I put on my dressiest flats and a fancy necklace and called it day.
Still comfy, but put together. A marriage of the two best things in style(to me anyway).

Here's a bad, yet so good 80s song to start your weekend right:

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

classic yellow

IMG_4936 IMG_4941 IMG_4934 IMG_4944 IMG_4933 IMG_4943 IMG_4938 IMG_4939  
1950's gingham dress and BCBGeneration pumps

The weather has become so nice in such a short period of time. I'm now graced with the opportunity of wearing pretty much anything I want in my closet. While browsing through dresses that have been put away for months, I came across this lovely yellow beauty. I only got to wear it once last year and I'll admit, I forgot she existed. I'm so excited to be able to break out pieces that haven't seen the light of day in so long.
Long live the sunshine!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

lift up the receiver I'll make you a believer

IMG_4910 IMG_4900 IMG_4919 IMG_4907IMG_4902 IMG_4903 IMG_4915 IMG_4909 IMG_4927 IMG_4912 IMG_4928       
1960's coat, 1960's dress, and Miu Miu SS 2010 Clogs

This dress gives me life. I can't really explain why. It's something that normally wouldn't be my style. Maybe it's the little cherub print and the sailor collar. It makes it a little tacky, which just speaks my language. Also, it almost looks like a little girls dress. I find myself loving little girls dresses and wishing they were my there's that. Something a 25 year old shouldn't like, let alone admit out loud.
I'm just super into the dress. When I bought it from a young gentleman who brought it to my shop, I almost yelled in excitement when he showed me. My mom gave me the weirdest look and said something like, "You love that?"
I laughed

I'm also super-happy that I got to take my Miu Miu clogs for another spin. Sometimes I still can't believe I own a pair of shoes from my dream collection. It's crazy how the Spring/Summer 2010 collection caused such hysteria. People were so crazy for it that there were knock-offs that people were fighting over almost two years after!
That's just a little too crazy for me. I just found these by accident on eBay.
Remember, there is no shoe worth getting into a physical fight for.
Life will go on.

Friday, May 1, 2015

ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb

IMG_4872 IMG_4880 IMG_4888 IMG_4875 IMG_4882 IMG_4871 IMG_4887IMG_4866 IMG_4878 IMG_4885 IMG_4892  
90s All That Jazz jumpsuit, 12 year old American Eagle jean jacket (it was my 13th birthday present), Prada bag from Panache Consignment, and vintage Chanel flats.

I just can't seem to stop myself from finding, purchasing, and wearing some of the most ridiculous pieces of clothing. This horrific/amazing, cherry-clad jumpsuit comes straight out of the 90s. It originally had small shoulder pads, which were pretty common in early 90s clothing. They are an unfortunate leftover from putting shoulder pads in everything (even t-shirts) in the 80s. I immediately ripped those puppies out. Honestly, they really wouldn't have been too bad on someone else, but my shoulders are pretty broad already.
Shoulder pads or not, the fact that this exists makes me happy. Sometimes when I find a really weird or unique piece, it makes me giddy. It reminds me that there are other really weird people out there and I like that. Without the weird, life wouldn't be nearly as interesting.
So next time you're bored, find yourself a ridiculous jumpsuit and take a walk.
Or something like that.


Saturday, April 25, 2015

sunset on the water

IMG_4814 IMG_4819 IMG_4823 IMG_4816 IMG_4813 IMG_4831 All eyeshadows are Coastal Scents Hot Pots, LA Colors liquid liner, Wet n' Wild Coverall foundation, e.l.f. Golden Bronzer, and e.l.f Moisturizing Lipstick in Rosey Go Round.

A couple of weeks ago I sat down and filmed myself playing with makeup. This is what came out of it. It reminds me of a sunset on the water and I had a lot of fun. All the products that I used came to a total of $26.50! So that's an extra plus. I'm really loving all of the Hot Pot eyeshadows that I bought from Coastal Scents. I snagged a few during their Cyber Monday sale for 99 cents. What a bargain for some pretty decent eyeshadows.
You can watch me create this look here:

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I thought overalls died in the 90s

IMG_4864 IMG_4858 IMG_4846 IMG_4854 IMG_4856 IMG_4847 IMG_4858 IMG_4855 IMG_4863 Forever 21 overalls, ancient crop top from who knows where, vintage 1980's flats, and Shop Peppermint knife necklace(the blade really moves!).

Most 90s kids had at least one pair of overalls. In retrospect, mine were absolutely hideous. The legs were extremely baggy wide legs, and the top had all the characters from Rugrats (the embroidery was terrible and they all looked deformed.)
When I noticed the trend was making a comeback, I wasn't particularly enthused.
That was until I saw this glorious/somewhat hideous overall masterpiece. The Beetlejuice stripes pulled me in immediately, since I have a weakness to the pattern. I really don't know why. You can read about it in an old post here or here. They were 50% the already marked down price, so decided to give overalls another shot. If I'm going to wear them, they might as well be as ridiculous as possible. Right?
I also ended up wearing this outfit for 14 hours straight. I can testify that they're quite comfortable. They went with me to work, out to dinner, and lastly a Keanu Reeves movie marathon. They approve of the Keanu. He probably wouldn't approve of them, most people don't.
Brian said I either looked like Beetlejuice or Robin Thicke and that I should choose which one I was going for.
Never choose Robin Thicke. Never.