Monday, July 11, 2016

seasons change and so did I

IMG_5197  IMG_5202 IMG_5206 IMG_5196 IMG_5204 IMG_5209 IMG_5192 IMG_5210  
Forever 21 Shift and 1960's Bloomingdale's boots.

Let's forget that this outfit is not very summery for a second so we can talk about these boots.
These boots.
They are authentic high-heeled suede boots from the late 1960's. And on top of everything they came from a Bloomingdale's in New Jersey that doesn't exist anymore.
For those of you that aren't well versed in vintage, these are the find of a lifetime.
At the time, they were no doubt super expensive and the quality just blows me away.
I hope they attended some kick ass concerts and traversed their way all over the greater NYC area. I am curious to know what they've seen.
I wore this outfit about a month ago when the weather wasn't as scorching as it is now. I was in the middle of the busiest month of my life and settled on wearing a shapeless shift dress to be comfortable.
Now that it's warm I hope I can wear some of my great vintage summer pieces and snap a few outfit photos for you!
I'm finally starting to feel like myself again after a month of traveling and being on the go non-stop. Here's to the dog days of summer and taking it easy!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

ugly girl gang

IMG_5180 IMG_5189 IMG_5159 IMG_5183 IMG_5168 IMG_5163 IMG_5187 IMG_5182 IMG_5169 IMG_5181 IMG_5170 IMG_5158  
Tuesday Bassen Ugly Girl Gang tank, 90s Calvin Klein shorts, thrifted Mudd cardigan, Five Below sunglasses, and Forever 21 flatforms.

I've been absent for so many months. I'd say I regret it, but I don't. Mostly because this is all my outfits have consisted of for the past six months. A bunch of 1990's garbage that I recycle in different ways.
What prompted this post though was the new addition to my closet: the Ugly Girl Gang tank. It's made by an artist that I've been following for awhile. I love her work and admire her Ugly Girl Gang concept. Here's what she has to say about it:
"The title of my zine “Ugly Girl Gang” has a few meanings. First, it’s about being unconcerned with your physical appearance while kicking ass at what you do. Second, the content of my work focuses on themes of empowerment and revenge through unpleasant, violent, and disagreeable women. I love the duality of “ugly.” Ugly is powerful."
You can read more of the interview here and check out her website here.
I love this idea and am honored to wear this shirt. Being a girl and having "ugly" traits like being obstinate and standing your ground is so important.
It's becoming quite the social experiment wearing it out in public though. A few boys have shouted at me, thinking I'm wearing it for some kind of validation from them - I'm not.
Maybe they think I'm fishing for compliments when in reality I don't give a shit what they think.
Maybe they think I'll talk to them if they yell at me? I don't know.
One sweet middle aged man said to me: "That's not true, you're not ugly."
And I laughed. It was innocent and kind.
See boys? Take notes. You don't have to be a creep to be sweet.

On that note, I'll leave you with my favorite female anthem of the moment:

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

two thousand and sixteen. six years of blogging.

The start of every new year reminds me that it's the anniversary of this blog. Six years ago, a bored and lonely girl started this as a way to document her dumb outfits. 2015 was definitely the weakest year for my blog. You'll see with the outfit recaps of the past year, that I missed some months. 2015 was a rough year, but the new millennium is a teenager so we shouldn't expect anything less. Teenagers are rough to deal with after all. 
I lost my drive to blog and honestly lost my motivation to put together any kind of fashion-y outfit. I think my depression really contributed to this. I can't recall a year where it hit me harder. I know a lot of people felt the same way as I do. So to all of you out there who struggled with 2015, let's cheer to 2016. It will be better.

Here were my favorite outfits from my posts of 2015:

Every one of these outfits feature some of my favorite vintage in my collection(minus the overalls outfit). 2015 brought so many beautiful vintage pieces to my own closet. It helped me fill in my collection and now I'm never struggling to find something from the past to represent the business. Like I've said many times before, I love owning pieces from the past. They hold so much meaning to me, the way possessions should(before crossing into hoarder territory). They should be able to tell a story, not just be something materialistic that exists only for you to show off. That's how I see it in my world anyway.

2015 had its ups and downs that's for sure. I had some experiences that I wouldn't trade for anything this past year. In January, I got to return to Cancun with Brian's family and it was such a wonderful time. I feel incredibly lucky.
In March, Brian and I went to PAX East, which is a gaming convention. It was a whirlwind and when I look back, I can't believe it happened. That whole weekend, we ended up hanging out and partying with internet personalities that I've respected for years. It was so surreal.
At the end of July I found out that I was on the COVER of a local magazine. That was crazy! I got to go to Barnes and Noble and see the display of a thousand pictures of my faces staring back at me. It made me nervous to tell you the truth!
In October, I took Brian to see The Distant Worlds concert. An orchestra plays all of the Final Fantasy songs while they project images from all the games. I cried. It was so moving.

There are probably a thousand more moments I could share, so I won't bore you to death. I'll just leave you with one of the greatest things to come out of 2015. New music from BIGBANG. This one is just G-Dragon and T.O.P but it's my favorite of the SEVEN new videos they managed to put out:

Thursday, November 19, 2015

I might join your century but only on a rare occasion

IMG_5109 IMG_5103 IMG_5108 IMG_5115 IMG_5128 IMG_5101 IMG_5119 IMG_5121 IMG_5126 IMG_5123 IMG_5117 
Vintage 1940's wool suit, 40s silk blouse, 40s hat, and 80s pumps.

These photos were taken the day before Halloween when I decided to dress like I was stepping out of the 1940's. When a piece like this suit enters my life, it only reaffirms all the reasons my profession revolves around vintage. It's like going back in time by just looking at it. The craftsmanship on it alone is amazing. Things just aren't made that way anymore.
I'm just lucky that it fits me perfectly, or it might break my heart a little having to part with it.

 This hat is also one-in-a-million. I have been working with vintage for 4 1/2 years now and have never come across something so amazing. I've seen pictures of hats like it. I have seen historical dramas feature them, but never thought I'd find one of my own!
I don't think I can wear it that often though because of the large feather. It gets blown about in the wind and it almost broke this day. I couldn't bear if that happened. I know that sounds a tad dramatic, but it's true. All my pieces are a little piece of insides that exist in the physical world. What's the point of having all these possessions, if I don't love them with all my heart and soul? Seems pointless to me.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

johnny gets up, takes off his leather jacket, taped to his chest there's the answer

IMG_5065 IMG_5092 IMG_5081 IMG_5094 IMG_5076 IMG_5085 IMG_5078 IMG_5097 IMG_5082
(Super flattering face.)
(My good side)
Thrifted Forever 21 dress, Zac Posen for Target leather jacket circa 2010, vintage belt, and Forever 21 platforms.

I have quite a number of dresses that resemble nightgowns and slips. Maybe that says a lot about the time I grew up in. When I was younger in the 90s, all the cool older girls wore dresses like that. So as an adult, I've seemed to gravitate toward them. This is just one of a few, but I think I like it the best. It has the most daytime wear-ability of them all.  Plus, it's very silky soft!

This jacket owns my heart. Seriously. It gives me Michael Jackson vibes and makes me want to break into a rendition of Thriller. Don't think people on the street would appreciate my horrible screeching and dancing...
There's just something so magical about leather jackets. They're timeless and I love the way they smell(that's probably weird). Plus, they make me feel like a badass when I wear one.
Almost like I could take on the world.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

looking for adventure and whatever comes our way

IMG_5037 IMG_5061 IMG_5038 IMG_5063 IMG_5049 IMG_5056 IMG_5042 IMG_5058 IMG_5055 IMG_5036
Da new Angelina?

Dat double chin tho.
Vintage 1960's dress, years old Charlotte Russe jacket, and years old Aldo wedges.

If you've been around awhile, you may recall that I blogged about this dress last year. Since it cooled off a bit, I styled it a bit differently. I just can't let it pass by without being photographed again. It's a superstar that deserves some attention.
The only problem I have with it is that it fits like a glove. A skintight glove. I can't really eat much when I wear it, I learned that the hard way. So next time I wear it, it won't be for long. Also, the shorts that are attached to the bottom kept ripping at the seam all day. Good thing you couldn't see my butt or you'd just see a giant split in my pants. I felt like Chris Farley or something.
Maybe it's time to find a better home for it where it can truly be appreciated. The problem with that is, it's one of my vintage babies. And like any good mama, I have an attachment to them.
I do own a lot of clothing, it's true. While that might seem materialistic to some, I view my collection as an extension of who I am on the inside. I try to only buy things I truly love because otherwise what's the point? We have limited time on this earth, might as well love and value everything we have. Plus, hunting for vintage treasures is fun. I mean, I made a business out of it.