I started this blog back on the very first day of 2010 mostly as a creative outlet. Even though I sometimes wear elaborate outfits, I wanted people to know that I'm a regular girl on a regular budget. You can put together a fun outfit by thrifting, bargain shopping, and being patient while waiting for sales
This soon evolved into the discovery that I'm drawn to weird things. You find pretty strange things at the thrift store. As this sartorial journey continued, I found there wasn't much I wouldn't wear if it was tacky enough. "Tacky in the fun way." As I once was called. And while I'm not always donning some strange artifact that could have been pulled from the set of Heathers, it's always there in my heart.
By the time I had put six good years into this blog I realized it wasn't about showing off my frugal finds anymore. It had become a log of my life. Now my goal is to just be me. I'm not trying to prove anything to world like the 20 year old kid who started this blog was. I'm just trying to show you that there can be many sides to a person. What I wear is a part of me. It's a reflection of my twisted up insides. 
Having a fashion blog doesn't mean that's all your into(if someone asks me if I actually like Pink Floyd or just wear their shirt because I'm a poserrr one more time...)
People are multi-faceted and that's part of the beauty of being human.

This blog may collect a bit of dust sometimes, but I try to update when I can. When the weather doesn't have me retreating into a shell of myself and running for the hills.

Remember: it doesn't take a lot of money to be sylish and it doesn't take a lot of time to look put together(I know because I wake up ten minutes before I have to leave. Shhh don't tell.). So hit that snooze button(that's what I do).

Stay cheap and lazy.