Monday, February 23, 2015

where palm trees sway

Hello I'm Morgan. I'm not dead. After I got back from Mexico I was very sick for two weeks. I had planned to immediately share photos from my trip. That obviously didn't happen, so here are some now! Better late than never right?
Vintage 1980's sundress, thrifted hat, years old Marshall's sandals. 

Let's just say Caribbean life agrees with me. The sunshine, the breeze, and being able to wear sundresses whenever I want! I got this dress back in December and was sad that I would have to wait months to wear it. Then the solution hit - take it with me! I loved wearing it so much that I wore it twice during the trip.
Life is so much easier when I can wake up to sunshine, throw on a dress, and be out the door. Such simplicity.

My time in Mexico really taught me that I honestly loathe any temperatures below 40 degrees. I'm just not suited for life here (is anyone suited for this winter?).

How is your winter going?