Wednesday, October 31, 2018

the little witch

Vintage 1950's shirt, 1960's skirt and boots, Luella sunglasses(that are practically vintage I've had them since high school.)

Happy Halloween!
It's my favorite holiday. The past few years I've kept it pretty tame, but the spoopy still lives in my heart.
I decided to wear this orange gem today. Novelty prints from the 1950's are something I've always had a weakness for. It's the tacky that lives within me. Have I mentioned I'm tacky?
This particular print caught my eye because it's kind of strange. It's a foxes chasing after rabbits. You would assume by the colors it'd be witches flying on brooms.
Nope. Just foxes chasing after a kill?
Another neato feature of this blouse is that it requires cuff-links. An artifact of the past that women rarely ever wear. Men rarely wear them anymore either, but occasionally still do.
I have a strong masculine side and for some reason this just makes me happy.
I'm part of the boys club now.

I spent my Halloween strolling through a graveyard as you can see. It's actually very relaxing. I enjoy doing this from time to time. It's very quiet and nature revives me.
I hope you had a wonderful Halloween.
Whether you dressed up or just took it easy at home.
Stay spoopy. 

Thursday, October 25, 2018


SADBOYCREW shirt, vintage 1980's suede skirt, eBay fishnets, Juicy Couture sunglasses, and olllllddd Target boots.

After taking a two year break from doing this, I decided it's finally time to start again. This blog has been part of my life since 2010.
This is something that's been here to document how much I've changed over the years - not only stylistically, but as a person as well. I don't want to let it die.
This might be the first time a lot of you are seeing it.
I used to have so much fun doing this, then it wasn't fun anymore. The idea of doing this again is exciting to me.
So here I am.
I hope you enjoy it. Not only the photos, but the dumb words I have to say about them too.

Let's talk about this shirt, okay? Over the summer I went to the final cross country Vans Warped Tour. Warped Tour was something I used to go to every year as a teenager, so I had to go to the last one. I could dig out old embarrassing photos of me meeting bands in my homemade shirts, looking like a big ol' fangirl. But I'll spare you.
I really wanted to get something from the final tour. Something I could wear and remember those days fondly.
I found the booth Sadboycrew. After seeing the shirt "Sadboycrew Generic Emotions" I knew I had to get it.
It embodies everything about the tour and the me that grew from it.
I was a sadboy back then. I'll always be one.
They're a pretty neat company. All the items are made in the USA and the shirt is really high quality (they didn't ask me to write this, I promise you). The boys running the booth were very sweet and talkative as well.

How did I decide to style this shirt? With an obnoxious '80s suede pencil skirt, of course. It was one of those things where the look just popped into my head. Sometimes I don't know where these images of pieces from my closet mashed together come from. Maybe it's the clothes letting me know they want to be worn. I have so many that they all don't get worn very often. Guess this skirt wanted its moment in the sun.

If you're going to wear an outfit like this anytime soon, I recommend you wear a coat. It's October, but I'm still being stubborn. I didn't wear one and froze my butt off.

I might be a little out of practice writing these blog posts, but I hoped you enjoyed reading it. Let me know what you think, what I can improve upon, and if you like this idea.
Gossip Girl
lol just kidding.
Stay cheap and lazy!