Wednesday, December 7, 2016

jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine

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Hot Topic crop top, vintage Levi's shorts, and Converse.

Yes these clothes are seasonally inappropriate. I'm sorry. They were taken back in August when I had just dyed my hair green and wanted to show it off. Now I've had it for months and nothing new.

I'm not one to flaunt my personal beliefs on my sleeve, but I couldn't pass up this crop top when I found it. My mom actually convinced me to get it because she loved the message too. Talk about mother-daughter bonding.
2016 for me was the year of the sneaker. My sneaker collection nearly doubled this year(thanks to the thrift store) and they're pretty much the only shoes I wear anymore.
It isn't boring to me at all because I haven't worn sneakers regularly since high school. It was like opening a whole new side of my wardrobe and I felt like my options tripled. It's amazing what trying something new will do for you.
I've truly taken Bieber's words to heart and learned to never say never.