Tuesday, January 12, 2016

two thousand and sixteen. six years of blogging.

The start of every new year reminds me that it's the anniversary of this blog. Six years ago, a bored and lonely girl started this as a way to document her dumb outfits. 2015 was definitely the weakest year for my blog. You'll see with the outfit recaps of the past year, that I missed some months. 2015 was a rough year, but the new millennium is a teenager so we shouldn't expect anything less. Teenagers are rough to deal with after all. 
I lost my drive to blog and honestly lost my motivation to put together any kind of fashion-y outfit. I think my depression really contributed to this. I can't recall a year where it hit me harder. I know a lot of people felt the same way as I do. So to all of you out there who struggled with 2015, let's cheer to 2016. It will be better.

Here were my favorite outfits from my posts of 2015:

Every one of these outfits feature some of my favorite vintage in my collection(minus the overalls outfit). 2015 brought so many beautiful vintage pieces to my own closet. It helped me fill in my collection and now I'm never struggling to find something from the past to represent the business. Like I've said many times before, I love owning pieces from the past. They hold so much meaning to me, the way possessions should(before crossing into hoarder territory). They should be able to tell a story, not just be something materialistic that exists only for you to show off. That's how I see it in my world anyway.

2015 had its ups and downs that's for sure. I had some experiences that I wouldn't trade for anything this past year. In January, I got to return to Cancun with Brian's family and it was such a wonderful time. I feel incredibly lucky.
In March, Brian and I went to PAX East, which is a gaming convention. It was a whirlwind and when I look back, I can't believe it happened. That whole weekend, we ended up hanging out and partying with internet personalities that I've respected for years. It was so surreal.
At the end of July I found out that I was on the COVER of a local magazine. That was crazy! I got to go to Barnes and Noble and see the display of a thousand pictures of my faces staring back at me. It made me nervous to tell you the truth!
In October, I took Brian to see The Distant Worlds concert. An orchestra plays all of the Final Fantasy songs while they project images from all the games. I cried. It was so moving.

There are probably a thousand more moments I could share, so I won't bore you to death. I'll just leave you with one of the greatest things to come out of 2015. New music from BIGBANG. This one is just G-Dragon and T.O.P but it's my favorite of the SEVEN new videos they managed to put out: