Tuesday, October 8, 2019

white lady

Antique 1910's lawn dress.

"A White Lady is a type of female ghost, dressed in all white reportedly seen in rural areas and associated with some local legend of tragedy. While White Lady legends are found in many countries around the world, they are most prominent in parts of the United States, Ireland, and Great Britain. Common to many of these legends is the theme of loss of a daughter, husband or father and a sense of purity before death." -- Wikipedia

It's the most wonderful time of the year - spooky season. In my opinion anyway. I did a creative photoshoot over the summer and, while looking over the photos, this look reminded me of a White Lady.
White Ladies are known all over the world and we have our very own famous White Lady here in Rochester. You can read about her here

So here is White Lady Morgan, who haunts the woods near where she died.
Morgan was deeply in love with a boy. A boy that maybe she cared for a little too much. One day that boy didn't return to her, so she waited. She waited and waited for him to come home. She waited until she withered away herself.
To this day she still wanders through the trees hoping to find her lost love. She is a ghost of benevolent nature and only reveals herself to those who are broken-hearted. She warns the broken folk that life is worth going on without love and to live while you can.
For she can't anymore.