Thursday, December 25, 2014

have yourself a merry little christmas

Thrifted turtleneck, vintage 60's wool skirt, Target tights, I wore my Ferragamo's during the day obviously they're not pictured. 

Merry Christmas from my little family to yours!
If you don't celebrate, I hope you have a great weekend.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

decorations of red on a green christmas tree

Thrifted skirt, gifted t-shirt, vintage 60's cardigan, vintage 40's hat, vintage 60's coat, Target tights, and Ferragamo flats.

I'm clearly obnoxiously into dressing for the holidays. In the past week, I've been pulling anything that's red or green out of my closet (and sometimes pairing it together like this). Luckily for me, this newly thrifted skirt of mine is red AND green.
It's actually a girl's skirt, but it fits me. The only part about it that doesn't fit me is the suspenders. I left them hanging to the side because if I had put them on, I would have looked like I was wearing a ridiculous tunic.
When I thrift, I don't care what age or gender a particular item of clothing belongs to. If I like it and it fits me, it's coming home with me!

I'm so happy I actually remembered to wear a hat. I'm such a spaz that I normally forget any kind of accessory and all the beautiful hats I have never get worn. I'm thinking about leaving myself post-it notes all over the house to remind me to accessorize. Is that overkill?

I hope you're having a great week and surviving the first big snow storm!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

the old simple way

First outfit: 1960's wool dress and Forever 21 pumps.
Second outfit: 1960's taffeta party dress and BCBGeneration pumps.

I took these photos early in November when I was in my hotel room in Chicago. Both nights it was after wedding festivities, so I was very tired and trying too hard to imitate American Apparel or something.

I know it's boring - the first outfit is anyway. It's another black dress, like my previous post, same pumps too. But it's something I wore and I wanted to share it.
On a forum board the other day, girls were talking about how this style of fashion blogging is dead. Blogs like Man Repeller, where there are a bunch of authors and topics and how-tos, are the new fashion blogging.
I don't like the sound of that. All my favorite bloggers still blog their daily sartorial adventures and I love it. I can't be the only one either, because they have plenty of interaction.
Personally, I still love to blog the good ol' simple way. Why? Because in 20 years I want to look back and remember all the beautiful things I had the honor of wearing. I'm not doing it to be famous, not for any admiration, not to get free stuff.
I'm doing it for myself.
And if my way of blogging is dead, so be it.
That means nothing to me. I mean, I wear dead people's clothes, don't I?

Monday, December 1, 2014

and I must have looked like a ghost cause something frightened me

Vintage 1940's sweater dress, Betsey Johnson leather belt, and Forever 21 platforms.

This beautiful dress was a gift from Brian's amazing mom. I think she bought it with the intention of me putting it in the shop, but when it fit me perfectly I knew I couldn't part with it! It's truly a showstopper. I never thought a sweater dress could move and flow the way this one does. The quality of vintage clothing never ceases to wow me, no matter how many years I've been buying it.

My messy, disheveled hair always seems to be an accessory to some elegant vintage dress I own. I can't seem to do anything with it and sometimes it just looks wrong. But you know what? That's 100% me. I'm always disheveled and a little off kilter and I'm okay with that.
I wouldn't have it any other way. It's too tiring to try and hide all the weird parts of me anyway. It would take way too much time.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! We spent ours with my family and Brian's family. My two little fams came together as one. It was great!