Wednesday, May 6, 2015

lift up the receiver I'll make you a believer

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1960's coat, 1960's dress, and Miu Miu SS 2010 Clogs

This dress gives me life. I can't really explain why. It's something that normally wouldn't be my style. Maybe it's the little cherub print and the sailor collar. It makes it a little tacky, which just speaks my language. Also, it almost looks like a little girls dress. I find myself loving little girls dresses and wishing they were my there's that. Something a 25 year old shouldn't like, let alone admit out loud.
I'm just super into the dress. When I bought it from a young gentleman who brought it to my shop, I almost yelled in excitement when he showed me. My mom gave me the weirdest look and said something like, "You love that?"
I laughed

I'm also super-happy that I got to take my Miu Miu clogs for another spin. Sometimes I still can't believe I own a pair of shoes from my dream collection. It's crazy how the Spring/Summer 2010 collection caused such hysteria. People were so crazy for it that there were knock-offs that people were fighting over almost two years after!
That's just a little too crazy for me. I just found these by accident on eBay.
Remember, there is no shoe worth getting into a physical fight for.
Life will go on.

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