Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I thought overalls died in the 90s

IMG_4864 IMG_4858 IMG_4846 IMG_4854 IMG_4856 IMG_4847 IMG_4858 IMG_4855 IMG_4863 Forever 21 overalls, ancient crop top from who knows where, vintage 1980's flats, and Shop Peppermint knife necklace(the blade really moves!).

Most 90s kids had at least one pair of overalls. In retrospect, mine were absolutely hideous. The legs were extremely baggy wide legs, and the top had all the characters from Rugrats (the embroidery was terrible and they all looked deformed.)
When I noticed the trend was making a comeback, I wasn't particularly enthused.
That was until I saw this glorious/somewhat hideous overall masterpiece. The Beetlejuice stripes pulled me in immediately, since I have a weakness to the pattern. I really don't know why. You can read about it in an old post here or here. They were 50% the already marked down price, so decided to give overalls another shot. If I'm going to wear them, they might as well be as ridiculous as possible. Right?
I also ended up wearing this outfit for 14 hours straight. I can testify that they're quite comfortable. They went with me to work, out to dinner, and lastly a Keanu Reeves movie marathon. They approve of the Keanu. He probably wouldn't approve of them, most people don't.
Brian said I either looked like Beetlejuice or Robin Thicke and that I should choose which one I was going for.
Never choose Robin Thicke. Never.


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