Friday, March 14, 2014

before the storm

Thrifted Free People maxi dress, Target suede booties, Five Below sunglasses, and vintage necklace.

These photos were obviously taken before the blizzard came and obliterated any hope of seeing some green grass again.
It was pretty nice on this particular day and when it's nice a lot of people are out peeking at what I'm doing.
It's always funny to see different people's reactions to taking photos on the street. Some stare, some are nice and cross the street so they don't get in your way, and then some people just make you laugh.
That afternoon, an older man with his windows down blaring 70's southern rock (I approved) started yelling unintelligible nonsense at me. Whether he was drunk or cat-calling remains a mystery.

I could not believe I found this Free People dress as Salvation Army for $2.50! The main reason I bought it was because it reminds me of long underwear. I like that. Is that weird? Yes, probably weird.
Another thing that's weird is this necklace. My grandma gave it to me and it was hers. But we don't know where it came from and why there are two men baking bread molded on it. That's kind of strange, but fascinating.

I hope you survived the blizzard - I stayed home from work and it took me two hours to dig out my car today! Ugh. Here's a great southern rock song to honor good ol' drunkard McGee.

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