Friday, November 15, 2013

blinded by the light

*Ermagersh wind*
Thrifted Forever 21 neon sweater, Vintage leather skirt, Target tights, and Aldo Mignogna wedges.

So it snowed. So what's a girl to wear after the first dusting hits the ground? A neon sweater so you can find her in a blackout and a "practical" leather pencil skirt. OF COURSE.
I'm honestly not the biggest proponent of the neon trend, but when I came across this sweater I was hypnotized. So was my mother. We looked at each other and I knew I would be buying it. Maybe that's why neon made such a comeback - the bright color makes us moths to a flame.
I also realize that my penchant for leather is out of control. It's like the tackiness of the 80's was programmed into my DNA. Right now I have THREE leather skirts (I know right?), a leather jacket (a staple), countless pairs of shoes (don't forget bags!), and a pair of leather shorts (totally awesome). No pants yet, but hey, I wouldn't say no if they were the right style.

Who knew that not brushing my hair could make it look good? In these photos it's at a tangle level of 5. By the end of the day it was at tangle level 10 of 10, 100% mess. It took me 20 minutes to comb it out, so I think I'll stick to brushing on a regular basis (like my teeth).

How has your week been? Mine has been pretty blah. I think it's because of the weather. Maybe this will cheer you up (if you haven't seen it yet, or maybe haven't seen it in awhile). Always helps me.

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