Thursday, September 19, 2013

the last day

H&M dress, Miss Trish for Target lizard sandals (bought on eBay), Five Below Sunglasses, and Prada bag from Panache Consignment.

I have no excuse (besides being busy) for not blogging in two weeks. I do however have an excuse for looking so miserable in these photos. I've been sick with some mystery virus for the past week or so and it's really getting to me. Since I still have to work, I've been sticking to mostly jeans, shorts, sweaters, and tees. Trying to look somewhat put together while being comfortable.
Today was the first time I put on a dress in what felt like ages, but I had to - it's the last day of summer.

This dress is probably the last thing I ever bought from H&M here before they went of out business. I have to stop myself from thinking about that or else I might cry (not really...well maybe a little). I guess I'll have to make a random trip to Buffalo.
Anyway, I call this little number my tulip dress. The skirt just reminds me of one. That might be crazy but I'm always harboring a little bit of crazy.

Pretty simple and boring outfit, but I hope you liked my return to civilization.
Here's my latest YouTube vid.

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