Thursday, July 18, 2013

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Vintage 60's dress, vintage purse, and Aldo pumps.

I want to preface this before I go ahead and write it. I'm all for people doing whatever they want. There are no rules to life (within reason of course). There are especially no rules when it come to fashion. But why does everyone want to look the same?

I'm honestly sick of seeing the same uniform on fashion bloggers, models, and pretty much anyone with access to online shopping. If I have to see one more girl looking tortured with dirty messy hair and a cigarette hanging out of her mouth I might rip my hair out.
It's always Jeffrey Campbell or Unif shoes.
Some fraying, high-waisted denim underwear.
Ripped tights.
Wildfox sweatshirts with some snarky saying.
Fringe and lots of it.
Lady Gaga sunglasses.
And some fedora-looking hat.
(Basically trying to recapture the amazing wonder of the early 90's.)

Now by themselves, these items can be great. Also if you truly love dressing this way and pour your heart and soul into it, go for it.
But I seriously can find hundreds of examples of this online. All of these girls can't possibly have the undying passion to look like a character from Trainspotting.
I should really make the point clear that it's not the look that's bad. It's the fact that there is no individuality left to this look. Do you really want to look like a thousand other girls? And really it's not even that.
It's like high school. You're probably sacrificing what you really love just to fit in, just for some extra attention. "If other girls like reading about this style, girls will read my blog." But then everyone's the same so why do we want to read the same blog over and over?

Wear what you love. What makes you happy. What your gut points you to and your heart says you can't live without. At the end of the day, when you take off your outfit, who are you really?
Life is too short to wear a uniform. People will like you for you.
Sometimes it takes a long time to realize it. Sometimes you just wake up and say "I don't give a shit anymore."

Like I said:


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