Monday, July 11, 2016

seasons change and so did I

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Forever 21 Shift and 1960's Bloomingdale's boots.

Let's forget that this outfit is not very summery for a second so we can talk about these boots.
These boots.
They are authentic high-heeled suede boots from the late 1960's. And on top of everything they came from a Bloomingdale's in New Jersey that doesn't exist anymore.
For those of you that aren't well versed in vintage, these are the find of a lifetime.
At the time, they were no doubt super expensive and the quality just blows me away.
I hope they attended some kick ass concerts and traversed their way all over the greater NYC area. I am curious to know what they've seen.
I wore this outfit about a month ago when the weather wasn't as scorching as it is now. I was in the middle of the busiest month of my life and settled on wearing a shapeless shift dress to be comfortable.
Now that it's warm I hope I can wear some of my great vintage summer pieces and snap a few outfit photos for you!
I'm finally starting to feel like myself again after a month of traveling and being on the go non-stop. Here's to the dog days of summer and taking it easy!

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