Thursday, October 8, 2015

last of 25

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Vintage 1910's blouse, vintage 1950's skirt & crinoline, Forever 21 pumps, Ann Taylor sunglasses, and Prada purse from a consignment shop.

These photos were taken on the last day that I was 25. The day before my birthday: August 27th. Yes, I've had these pictures since August 27th. Where has the time gone?

This skirt, this skirt, this skirt. That's all the words I can form when I talk about it. I have a pretty unreasonably large collection of 1950's circle skirts, but this one takes the cake.
When it came into my possession it was way too big for me and was missing a button. I instantly tailored it to fit and found a new button for it. For those who know me, it shows how much I love it. I have a pile of sewing products and pieces that need to be fixed. They normally sit on the back burner until I randomly get to them. So, the fact that I fixed it right away shows my devotion to it. 
Maybe it's the gathering at the waist, the stiff voluminous cotton, or the beautiful pattern. Maybe it's all of these things(most likely).
Also, this blouse. I can't believe it's 100 years old. It's in near-perfect condition. How? I've come across things from the 1950's that have fallen apart. I feel incredibly lucky to have it.

My favorite time of the year is here! Halloween! Have any ideas for a costume? I have a few and I'm so excited!

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  1. I love this outfit and the setting for the photos! Beautiful. <3