Thursday, October 29, 2015

johnny gets up, takes off his leather jacket, taped to his chest there's the answer

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(Super flattering face.)
(My good side)
Thrifted Forever 21 dress, Zac Posen for Target leather jacket circa 2010, vintage belt, and Forever 21 platforms.

I have quite a number of dresses that resemble nightgowns and slips. Maybe that says a lot about the time I grew up in. When I was younger in the 90s, all the cool older girls wore dresses like that. So as an adult, I've seemed to gravitate toward them. This is just one of a few, but I think I like it the best. It has the most daytime wear-ability of them all.  Plus, it's very silky soft!

This jacket owns my heart. Seriously. It gives me Michael Jackson vibes and makes me want to break into a rendition of Thriller. Don't think people on the street would appreciate my horrible screeching and dancing...
There's just something so magical about leather jackets. They're timeless and I love the way they smell(that's probably weird). Plus, they make me feel like a badass when I wear one.
Almost like I could take on the world.

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