Wednesday, January 8, 2014

so this is the new year

Vintage 1950's satin and tulle dress, vintage 1940's coat, vintage clutch from my grandmother, and Aldo suede pumps.

Out of all the dresses I pulled out of my closet to wear on New Year's Eve, this one seemed to epitomize the night to me.
The midnight blue tulle with bright flashes of peach satin, reminded me of all the glitz that pierces the winter night on New Year's Eve. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but that's what I do. I look at a garment and it tells me a story.
I also was pumped to wear it because I only have once since I got it tailored LAST January.

All dolled up with my coat on Brian said that I looked like I had walked off the set of a historical TV show. That was the best compliment he could ever give me.

I hope the first week of 2014 was a wonderful one for you. It's been a pretty quiet one here because of the horrible weather. I was barely at work the past week! Awful!

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