Monday, July 29, 2013


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Vintage 50's skirt, years old H&M shirt, vintage bag, Five Below sunglasses, and vintage 70's Bass sandals. 

Part of being a woman - no, the part of being alive that is so incredibly wonderful is I can wake up in the morning and become whatever I want. On this particular day it was reveling in the femininity of a 50's skirt. Exploring what it means to be alluring without showing skin.
Some days I want to dress like a 50's housewife and some days I want to be a dirty rock star. Other days it's mixing masculine and feminine, or old and new. I can turn myself into whomever I want. That's the beauty of life. Choices. I am incredibly humbled by all the choices I am given. I can do what I want, be who I want; some people aren't that lucky.
Don't corner yourself into one style. Let all the facets of your personality shine. That's what makes fashion delve past superficiality. If you wake up one day and are feeling like 90's grunge, go for it.
Be the girl who when asked to describe your style in one word, has no answer.
You're one-of-a-kind and can't possibly be described with one word.
There are so many complexities to all of us - that's what makes us beautifully human.

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