Monday, December 12, 2011

my super unrealistic christmas list part 2

Unrealistic Christmas List Part 2

(Top L to R) Bebe Omega/Ophelia glitter wedge, Chanel Caviar purse, Missoni For Target dress, Chanel flats, Christian Louboutin slingbacks, Chanel suit, Marc Jacobs Elliot sweater, Dolce Vita Jemma boots, any 1950's dress like this.

Last year I shared a list just like this with you. A bunch of things I love and pine over, that are completely out of my reach. As you can tell, I'm currently I'm in love with; bold shoes, cozy sweaters/sweater dresses, and retro style. Big circle skirts never go out of style!

I'm really excited for Christmas but, I haven't done any shopping yet! I wish everyone a Happy Holiday! Get cozy, drink eggnog, and even if you don't celebrate anything, spend some nice time with your family!

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