Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dreaming of shoes.

All this week I've been sick and haven't felt like taking pictures of myself. So instead of leaving my blog updateless...I've decided to make a post of shoes I want SO badly.
BUT I'll probably never have them because either A) they're wayyyyyyy out of my price range or B) they've stopped being produced.
Sad sad sad.

First on my list are these Christian Louboutin Mad Mary's. These shoes I've been dying to own since I was about 17. I love the twist on a classic mary jane and I freaking love studs! They have been out of production for probably two years, and even if they were still being made they are in the 800 plus range. :( *sadface*

I know it seems like everyone in the fashion blogosphere has the Acne Atacoma Wedges, but they are ridiculous! The pairs with the silver on the bottom aren't for me, I love this one though! It's something different, that's for sure. Too bad these babies start at 600 dollars. Yikes!

Something about these Nina Ricci pumps screams femininity and delicacy. The yellow lame could spice up anyone's shoe wardrobe, and the spiral heel adds a beautiful touch. These heels are in the 800 plus price range. Something I could never just drop down on shoes. I don't even have 800 dollars to my name!

Meet the Sam Edelman Zoe boot. Modeled after Balenciaga. They are truly out of this world and crazy. A normal civilian on the street would probably think I'm nuts for wearing these, but I'd love to slip my feet into them. These boots start at the 300 dollar range, which is still EXPENSIVE in the eyes of my pocketbook.

And lastly...

These beauties from the Prada fall 09' collection. I'd prefer the purple velvet pair but I couldn't find a picture of them. I love all the studs (I'd love anything studded haha) and the chunky heel!

Now that you've taken a look into some of the shoes I'm DYING to slip my feet into, what's something on your must have but can't afford wish list?


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