Tuesday, February 11, 2014

the popcorn sweater

more derp

Vintage sweater, Target jeans, gifted purse, and thrifted Timberland boots.

So, I'm officially horrible at blogging, but to be fair the weather really hasn't been in my favor. It makes me dress like a normal person (yuck). This is the first time I've worn a real outfit in ages. If this even qualifies as a real outfit. Mostly I hate this time of year because I have to take photos inside and they always look like poop.

Anyway, let me talk about how much I love these pants. I love that there is a sequin stripe down the side. Brian says they are marching band pants and I legitimately had a 5 minute argument with him about it. I said they were pants that Mick Jagger would wear. Totally right (AGREE WITH ME)? That's what I think of and they make me feel like a British rockstar. In the winter I frequently find myself trying to look like a dirty rockstar. Alter ego or just crazy?

Speaking of things Brian doesn't care for - this sweater. The popcorn sweater. It's been on my blog plenty of times and each time I think I love it more. It's hideously 80's and tacky, which is basically my second language. It even has the shoulder pads still. I refuse to take them out. Usually I take shoulder pads out of most things, but the thought of shoulder pads in a sweater was just too hilarious.

FUN FACT: I really enjoyed airbrushing the teriyaki sauce that was all over my chin from dinner. I didn't realize it was there.

If you were curious, I'll tell you the reason I was laughing in this last photo. I don't hide the fact that I love anime, so if you don't you can jump ship now. I was listening to the theme song to this great anime parody. If only there was a real show like that.
I hope you are surviving winter!

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