Friday, August 5, 2011


Thrifted vintage dress, American Eagle canvas heels, and Plinko the cat.

Okay I'm about to rant so prepare yourself. I saw a comment on the lovely blog of Karla from Karla's Closet that really bothered me.
"Not only are you my favorite blogger because you have great taste (you aren't the typical hipster) but you aren't rail thin. You are in great shape. So inspiring to see an actual womans' body."
This really bothers me. This person is basically saying, if you're skinny you're not an actual woman. I admire Karla's curves and the whole point of blogging is to get prospective from real women. A skinny blogger like Rumi of Fashiontoast, is a real woman too. Not every woman is the same, and being skinny happens to naturally occur in nature. There is nothing wrong with that. Just like there is nothing wrong with a woman being shapely and having curves. We should embrace diversity not segment it.

Okay, rant over. Anyway, nothing says Summer to me like a sundress, messy hair, and no accessories. (Am I the only one who can't stand jewelry in the heat?) Every fashion expert would probably tell you I violated basic style codes with this outfit, but I don't care. I know the length of the dress is unflattering on a shorty like me, but it's so fun! I also know that ankle strap pumps cut your legs and make them look shorter, but I love the shoes! A long skirt and ankle strap, double offense!
I got this dress back in March and altered it to my size. There were two problems that occurred from this. I tailored one side of the dress beautifully, but got tired on the second side and sloppily sewed. This makes the dress bunch in the middle funny, oh well! Second problem is, I've lost weight since I tailored it, and now it's too big again. I'll just have to fix it all over.

I'm at work, so I have to go and do actual work. What a concept.
PS: my cat was absolutely terrified being on the balcony.

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