Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Exciting experiments.

So on the only day it hasn't snowed in about a week I decided to wear a dress and of course heels. I went to Target with my boyfriend and everyone was staring at me because it was 20 degrees out, but I didn't care! He totally surprised me and bought me an awesome black cape. I'll have to put the pictures up soon.
I wanted to try something different on this particular day so I decided to add some socks to my look. I had never giving wearing socks with heels any thought until I was looking at my pile of many socks. I never wear socks unless with boots so I thought, why not? I think it spices up the outfit. Oh and PS, sorry some of the pictures are dark/blurry. I'll try to take pictures outside next time for better light. Preferably when it's not 10 degrees and snowing.
The dress is a  tweed like material, and I love the detailing. Here's a picture of it!

The shoe picture came out weird...oh well.

Dress- Charlotte Russe
Blazer- Hand me down from a friend, it's velvet if you can't tell from the pic.
Shoes- Forever 21
Socks- St. John's Bay

How's everyone's snowy days going?


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